Convenient Medical Care At Your Fingertips!

Our Ambient Care family is committed to providing convenient access to medical care through our online healthcare services. Each virtual care visit is accessible from the comfort of your home either online or through our simple Ambient Care App for smart devices. 

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Welcome to Ambient Virtual Care

Virtual Care solves the challenges—time, cost, and convenience—of an in-person visit to a medical provider.

Use the app for non-emergent medical issues or to discuss testing and screening. If you have a concern about Cholesterol, Diabetes, General Health Screening, Men’s Health Screening, Hepatitis, or Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), you can use our app to discuss concerns and have a lab test at a convenient location.

Who We Are.

Are you looking for a medical provider who can accommodate your lifestyle? Perhaps you are fed up with rising medical bills and the amount of time you spend at a doctor’s office? If so, then we’re the right company for you!


We’re the medical providers for the future. For any medical services you require, we can connect you with one of our trained medical professionals through the use of our app.

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Fast and Convenient.

Access convenient medical care at any time of the day.  Use virtual care to interact with a healthcare professional through a live online video. Virtual care is a simple, fast, and affordable way to see one of the highly qualified medical providers of Ambient Care. 


Looking for urgent care near you, walk-in medical care near you, or a clinic near you, then we are right at your fingertips. Have a discrete visit at your home, office, or wherever you are when you need it!

All The Benefits Of An In-Person Visit.

During a “virtual visit,” you will hear and see your medical provider in real-time. An appointment takes place via live video with your provider, who pops up on the screen of your computer or smartphone.


Our entire organization is built upon saving our patients’ time, and money, and making any medical discussion both comfortable and convenient during a difficult time.

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Savings On The Same High-Quality Care.

Virtual Care is a great low-cost healthcare option. Many insurances cover this service and a typical virtual visit using our app costs only $60 for those without medical insurance.


Imagine a world where you can connect with a doctor on your own terms, where you feel most comfortable, not breaking the bank. Our doctor appointments will cost those without medical insurance as little as $60. And, if the patient so requires, we can also set up at-home or in-office healthcare visits.

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Save time you’d spend traveling to a doctor’s office or the emergency room—and get the same high-quality care. Most of our patients are able to speak with a healthcare professional within 10 minutes of registering.