Cough, Congestion, And Sore Throat Care.

When it comes to receiving medical care, there are many issues that patients face every day. From finding the time to seek medical care, the price of care you so desperately need, and the fact that you have to go out of your way to a local medical care provider. With these issues in mind and a deep desire to solve them, Ambient Virtual Care was founded!

Sick woman covered herself in blue blanket sitting in her couch holding a napkin to cover her nose.

Virtual Diagnoses And Treatments For Cold And Flu-Like Symptoms.

Whether you’re suffering from a head cold or something more serious, our virtual healthcare providers at Ambient Care deliver fast treatment plans and online prescriptions.

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Relief for your cold symptoms starts here. By registering either online or through our Ambient Care App, you can get seen by a high-quality virtual medical professional quicker and more affordably than ever before. Get started today for fast nasal, sinus, and throat relief.

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Shot of a senior woman coughing while sitting in her wheelchair at home.

Treating Coughing And Sore Throats Online.

By meeting through a virtual medical appointment, we determine the cause of your upper respiratory symptoms and offer virtual support to find fast relief.

Virtual Care For Congestion.

When you’re sinuses are feeling stuffy, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else. Our online medical providers help you find relief without leaving the comfort of your home.

Shot of a senior woman blowing her nose while feeling sick at home.